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Network Use Information and Recommendations

Computer & Telephone Services


Welcome to St. Andrews University, home of the Knights!

We are excited to have you as members of our student body!

We, in the Computer Services Department, wish to share information with you about our campus network and to make a few suggestions as to the electronic tools that we recommend you consider bringing with you to campus in the fall.

1. Webmail

a. The login information for your email has already been set up and working.
b. If you cannot login to email, please let us know so that we can reset that information for you.
c. Our phone number is 910-277-5014.
d. We can also be accessed via webmail at sauhelpdesk@sapc.edu

2. Account Information

a. Username and Password

i. The username and password works with the following logins:

1. Webmail
2. Moodle
3. A Campus computer

ii. Once you have logged into the campus network you will have

1. A network storage drive

a. This storage drive is labeled as your U drive
b. Any documents you create can be saved in your U drive.
c. You can access the saved documents on your U drive from any campus computer.

3. Electronic Storage

a. We recommend that you bring with you some form of portable storage, such as:

i. a USB Flash Drive, or
ii. an external hard drive.
iii. We highly recommend that you consistently back up the work on your personal computer.
iv. When you log in on a campus computer, please save your work to your external USB Flash drive. Doing so will allow you to work on that file from your personal computer.
v. You also have a personal storage drive that was generated with your email account. This is called your U drive. Using this option will allow you to log in on another computer in any computer lab on campus and have access to your files.

4. Antivirus Software

a. Please make sure your laptop has a current version of an anti-virus program installed.
b. Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus is a free download from Microsoft's website.
c. If you have or are planning to purchase a laptop that has a trial version of anti-virus installed please make sure you upgrade to the full version of the anti-virus at the end of the trial period.
d. Our network and classroom/lab computers are protected with Trend Micro Anti-virus

5. Wireless Connections

a. Our classrooms do have wireless access.
b. Wireless access is not yet available in the dorms.
c. If you wish to have a wireless connection in your dorm room you will need the following equipment:

i. Ethernet cable of about 20 Feet in length.
ii. a router.

6. Productivity Software

a. We recommend that you have Microsoft Office for use to complete assignments for your classes.
b. An option you can consider is Microsoft Office 365 University

i. this is a 4 year subscription for one user and includes:

1. Microsoft Word
2. Microsoft Excel
3. Microsoft PowerPoint
4. OneNote
5. Outlook
6. a SkyDrive account of 20GB of storage plus an additional 7GB of storage
7. capability to downloaded the Microsoft software on up to 2 electronic devices, including, PCs, Macs, or a mobile devices that belong to the individual subscriber (that means someone other than you cannot download the software to their computer).
8. the latest versions of Office apps and access to Cloud services
9. software version upgrades are included in the subscription price
10. compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, or for a Mac iOS
11. Cost of this subscription is $79.99 plus tax.

7. Technical Support for your Computer

a. We are able to troubleshoot technical issues for both Windows (XP, Vista, 7, and 8), Mac, and Linux based operating systems.

i. However, if your laptop is still under warranty, we will have you contact the company to assist in fixing the issues.
ii. That way the warranty is not compromised.

b. If the issues we discover during the troubleshooting are beyond our capacity to handle, and the device is no longer under warranty, we recommend Highland Tech Computer Services to fix technical issues. Their store is located on Main Street in downtown Laurinburg, about 10 minutes from campus.
c. If you bring your cell phone by our office and we will assist you in setting up access to your email account. That way you can stay in touch with your professors about course assignments and activities.

Hopefully this will give you some direction as you prepare to begin your studies at St. Andrews University. The Computer Services Department will do what we can to assist you if you have technical issues with your electronics.

Our department is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.


If you have questions regarding Computers & Telephone Services, please contact the Help Desk - (910) 277-5014 or sauhelpdesk@sapc.edu

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