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"As a first generation Latin American, it was different coming here, but I soon realized that I could just be me. St. Andrews is a school for people who like small classes and a close community."
- Anthony Fernandez, Class of '10

St. Andrews Student Housing Survey*

* If you already know who you would like to room with, please disregard this form and list his/her name on the Housing Contract.

Please answer this form honestly, representing your current self-attributes. The more information that Housing receives will make it easier to find the best roommate for you.

*First Name: *MI *Last Name
What academic major do you plan to study at St. Andrews?
Would you prefer that your roommate has the same major as you do? Yes   No
  If no, which major(s) would you prefer?
What type of music do you enjoy? Check all that apply:
Easy Listening Classical Country R&B
Classic Rock Hard Rock Alternative Pop
Relative to study, are you a:
Hard worker Medium worker Worker when necessary
How many hours do you plan to study in your room per day?
Do you like to: Study with background noise Study in complete silence
Are you a Morning or Late night person?
Do you keep your room Extremely organized Somewhat organized Somewhat unorganized Unorganized
Select one from each row. Do you consider yourself: Outgoing Introverted
  Scheduled Spontaneous
  Loud Reserved
  Logical Creative
Select one from each row. Do you prefer a roommate who is: Outgoing Introverted
  Scheduled Spontaneous
  Loud Reserved
  Logical Creative
Do you smoke? Yes   No
Are you a member of a club or organization? Yes   No
If yes, please list the group(s):
Do you play a musical instrument? Yes   No
If yes, which instrument(s)?
Do you participate in theatre? Yes   No
Acting? Production? Set design? Other:
Have you participated in your schools':
Yearbook School Newspaper Literary Magazine

Please list any hobbies or special interests you have:

Are you planning to participate in athletics at St. Andrews? If yes, please check the sports that you plan to participate in:
Women: Men:
Basketball Baseball
Cross Country Basketball
Golf Cross Country
Lacrosse Golf
Soccer Lacrosse
Softball Soccer
Swimming Swimming
Track & Field Track & Field
Volleyball Wrestling

List any sports you would like to play in intramurals while in college:

Are you a competitive equestrian rider?

Hunter Seat Western
Jumper Dressage

Please utilize this space to describe yourself:

Please utilize this space to describe what you are looking for/not looking for in a roommate:

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