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Gay Straight Student Alliance

Purpose and mission of this club:

The purpose of this club is to provide a safe place for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students to confide in each other, to provide a setting where the GLBT and straight communities can mesh and share thoughts, ideas, stories, and friendship, and to provide education to the rest of the St. Andrews community about issues concerning the GLBT community.

How often does this club meet and what do they do at meetings?

We try to meet every first and third Monday of the month. At our meetings we discuss upcoming events, GLBT events. We also sponsor discussion groups, forums and movie events.

What are the activities involved?

The main activities of this club include our meetings, celebration of National Coming Out Day, attendance at local Pride events, and other fun events such as dances, movies, and forums.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees for this club.

What are the expectations of members? Members gain new awareness of GLBT issues and the possibility of realizing unrecognized commonalities with their GLBT classmates. There are no expectations of members except to be open, loving, and accepting of all people of all colors, sexes, classes, races, and sexual orientations.

How are the students benefited from being in this club?

Students are benefited in this club by new experiences, education, and support. The GLBT community benefits greatly from the support shown by their straight counterparts. The club helps students move toward a more tolerant world view.


The faculty adviser for this club is Dr. Bill McConnell.

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