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International Studies: Brunnenburg, Italy

Class Trip To Florence

FLORENCE: We got up early for our 7:45 a.m. train to Florence. During our four-day trip we went to the Uffizi and Accademia for class. We had enough free time that many of us made it to several other museums.

Alexa using the time on the train to get reading done for Mary’s class. Perry is doing the last of his studying for his LSTAT test.

Chris and Kyle chose to use their time in a different way.

Ashley and Blake are happy to

finally be in Florence.

Everyone is admiring how

amazing the Duomo looks.

Emily and Noel on the way to the Uffizi.

Alexa and Alexis enjoying the view.

Richie, Dustin, and Alexa in front of Dante.

Elise and the Duomo.

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