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Test Taking Strategies


• Write Down Key Facts

- Before you even look at the test; write down key information you have studied

• Formulas
• Rules
• Definitions

- Recording this information makes forgetting less likely

• Begin with an Overview of the Exam

- What kinds of questions will you be answering?
- What type of thinking do they require?
- How many questions are in each section?
- What is the point value of each question?
- Schedule the amount of time you spend on each question according to your answers above.

• Read Test Directions

- Do the directions tell you to answer 3 of 5?
- Do the directions tell you to provide a short answer or essay?

• Work from Easy to Hard

- Answer what you know first - this leaves you time for the more difficult questions

• Watch the Clock

- Keep track of how much time is left and how you are progressing
- Wear a watch - sometimes a classroom may not have a clock that is easily visible
- You may want to plan your time on a scrap piece of paper especially if you have several essays to write

• Use Critical Thinking to Avoid Errors

- Recall facts, procedures, rules and formulas
- Think about similarities - if you don't know the answer to a question, look through your test and see if it similar to another question you do know
- Note differences - items that seem different from the material you studied may lead you to answers you can eliminate
- Think through cause and effects - think through your answer and see if it makes sense in regards to the question that is being asked
- Support ideas with examples - in essay questions, ALWAYS support your answer with examples whenever possible

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