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The St. Andrews Pipe Band is one of the university's most visible organizations and has become one of the top competing pipe bands in the southern United States.

How to Organize Assignments


• Have a Different Colored 3 Ring Binder with Pocket for each Class

o Use Tabbed Dividers to Make Several Sections

• Syllabus
• Lecture Notes - be sure to date notes for each class; this comes in handy when studying for exams/quizzes
• Assignments
• Handouts
• Exams

o Use the side Pockets in the Binder to store any handouts you may receive in class until you have a chance to use a hole punch to file them in the appropriate section

• Have a Daily Planner You Carry with You at ALL Times

o Record assignments and due dates in your planner as soon as you receive the syllabi for your courses o Make changes or updates to assignments and due dates as they occur in class
o Be sure to record all other activities in your planner as well

• Practices
• Games
• Meetings

• Use Your Computer to Organize Assignments and Due Dates

o Make use of the calendar associated with Microsoft Outlook

• Microsoft Outlook can be utilized using your campus email account
• Can be accessed through webmail
• Can by synced with many phones including the Blackberry
• Good back-up in case you "misplace" your Day Planner
• Gives automatic pop up message reminders of upcoming assignments/meetings

• Cross Off or Make a Check Mark Next to Assignments as You Complete Them

o Allows you to see at a quick glance what you have completed and what remains
o Gives you the satisfaction of seeing what you have accomplished!
o This feature is also available in the calendar function of Microsoft Outlook

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