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Archives Record Group


RECORD GROUP:  FMC (Flora Macdonald College)

FMC 1: History

            Box 1: Floral College

            Box 2: Red Springs Seminary, Southern Presbyterian College and Conservatory of Music

            Box 3A: History

            Box 3B: History

            Box 4: Historical interviews: Dr. Bullock

            Box 5: Charter and Bylaws, Ratification

            Box 6: Booklets about FMC and predecessors

FMC 2: Trustees

            Box 1: Trustees minutes, 1890s-early 1900s

            Box 2: Trustees’ papers: McLean

            Box 3: Trustees' correspondence, mostly 1920s

            Box 4: Trustee Mrs. O. L. Parker: letters, clippings ( mostly 1957)

            Box 5: Advisory Board

FMC 3: Presidents

            Box 1: Presidents: Bedinger, Woodson, Rev Rankin

            Box 2: President Bedinger: correspondence 1945-1958

            Box 3: President Woodson: scholarships

            Box 4: President Vardell: financial correspondence

            Box 5: President Vardell: correspondence, fund projects, Scottish trip, celebrations, cookbook excerpt

            Box 6: President Vardell: student grades, letter re: Flora Macdonald artifacts, photos

            Box 7: President Vardell: correspondence, mostly re faculty, 1920s

            Box 8: President Vardell: correspondence, mostly re faculty, 1930s

            *Note: Scrapbooks kept by Dr. Vardell can be found in FMC: Boxes 1-9

FMC 4: Correspondence

            Box 1: Correspondence (mostly) 1900-1920

            Box 2: Correspondence 1920-1930

            Box 3: Correspondence 1930-1940


FMC 5: Administrative records

            Box 1: Job applications 1920s

            Box 2: Financial reports, endowment funds 1930s

            Box 3: Educational funds, related wills

            Box 4: Special study from 1948

            Box 5: Annual reports, 1950s

            Box 6: Guidance Center annual reports, 1959-62

            Box 7: Student Body Store records

            Box 8: Audits & Financial Reports, 1912-1952 (Incomplete)

FMC 6: Faculty

            Box 1: Faculty minutes, 1930s-1940s

            Box 2: Faculty Executive Committee, late 1950s-early 1960s

FMC 7: Student activities

            Box 1: The Skirl

            Box 2: FMC Woman's Club, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Student Council, St. Cecelia Music Club, Misc. Organizations

            Box 3: Epsilon Chi ledgers

            Box 4: Epsilon Chi ledgers and papers

            Box 5: YWCA and FMCA

            Box 6: Zetesian Literary Society ledger and papers

FMC 8: Celebrations and special occasions

            Box 1: Semi-centennial

      • 60th anniversary
      • Interment of Flora Macdonald's "children"
      • President's house (rebuilding)
      • Dr. Vardell Day
      • President Woodson’s inauguration

            Box 2: Stone memorials: Stewart, McNeill, Soldiers

FMC 9: Photographs

            Box 1A: Photographs: Buildings and Grounds

            Box 1B: Photographs: Celebrations, Convocations, Events

            Box 1C: Photographs: Faculty, Staff, Administration, Trustees

            Box 1D: Photographs: Student Snapshots, 1930s and 1940s

            Box 1E: Photographs: Student Organizations, Teams

            Box 1F: Photographs: Student Organizations, Teams

            Box 1G: Photographs: Students - Early Years

            Box 1H: Photographs: Students

            Box 1I: Photographs (snapshots) 1939-1942 by Margaret Bundy

            Box 1J: Photographs: May Day

            Box 1K: Photographs: Alumni Events

            Box 2: Photographs: Large photographs, mounted letters, etc.

            Box 3: Oversize items            

                                    Photo: Faculty and students, 1927

                                    Photo: Graves of Flora Macdonald’s “children”

                                    Songs by C. G. Vardell, Jr.

                                    FMC Garden - maps

                                    Chris Wren Prints

            Box 4: Slides           


                                    Dr. Vardell's 95th birthday (1956)

                                    Gardens 1960-61

                                    Alumni Slide Show from photos (1996)

FMC 10: Miscellanea

            Box 1A: Blueprints, maps

            Box 1B: Blueprints, Southern Presbyterian College, May 1, 1914

            Box 2: Gifts: Todd Collection, Purcell Collection, Stirling Castle, Silver, Books, Scottish Poetry Collection, Scottish Items related to Flora Macdonald, Misc.

            Box 3: J. Walter Lambeth papers (U.S. House of Representatives)

            Box 4: Vardell Hall

            Box 5: Plays about Flora Macdonald, Misc. articles about Flora Macdonald (heroine) and FMC (college)

            Box 6: Dr. James McDonald's addresses 1914,1916, Dedication of FMC

            Box 7: Personal histories: Linda Rumple Vardell, Charles Graves Vardell, Charles Gildersleeve

                        Vardell (Jr.)

            Box 8: Presbyterian News

            Box 9: Materials on John Dryden

             Box 10: Governor Angus McLean, Col. Walter Scott

             Box 11: Library

             Box 12: Gardens

             Box 13: Memorabilia

             Box 14: Memorabilia

             Box 15: Flora Macdonald Academy

             Box 16: Library accession books

             Box 17: College Bulletin, Alumni

             Box 18: Concert and Recital Programs

             Box 19: Diplomas

FMC 11: Consolidation

             Box 1: Consolidation: FMC  and PJC to SAPC

             Box 2: Consolidation: FMC and PJC

             Box 3: Peace College: separation from consolidation


FMC 12: Student records from SPCCM and FMC

             Box 1: 1905? - 1922-25 (grade books, roll books)

             Box 2: 1923-1926 (grade books, roll books, Sunday school rolls)

FMC 13: Flora Macdonald Village

             Box 1: Flora Macdonald Village, Biederwolf Leper Colony, Korea

FMC 14: Flora Macdonald Missionary Support

             Box 1: Kaleni High School, Mwinilunga District North Western Province, Kaleni Hill, Zambia 1920 - 1930  

FMC 15: Flora Macdonald Scrapbooks

Note: Scrapbooks with * are located in the Archives Display Room; the others are shelved in the FMC/PJC Records Room

            Box 1: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1896-1923

            Box 2: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1916-1921

            *Box 3: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1921-1923

           *Box 4: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1930-1933

            *Box 5: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1933-1935

            *Box 6: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1935 -1936

            Box 7: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1936 -1937

            Box 8: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1938 -1945

            Box 9: Scrapbook of Dr. Charles Vardell (President) 1945 -1947

            Box 10: Club Scrapbooks: Home Economics, 1934 - 1949

            Box 11: Club Scrapbooks: Home Economics, 1950 - 1954

            Box 12: Club Scrapbooks: International Relations, 1945 - 1952

            Box 13: Club Scrapbooks: FMC Christian Association, 1944 - 1954

            Box 14: Club Scrapbooks: FMC Christian Association, 1954 - 1955

            *Box 15: Red Spring Seminary, Correspondence: Mary Janet McNeill, Class of 1903

            Box 16: Red Springs Seminary Memory Book, 1905

            Box 17: Southern Presbyterian College and Conservatory of Music, Hattie Mayes (McNeill), Class of 1911

            Box 18: Flora Macdonald College, Grace Gaither, Class of 1917

            Box 19: Flora Macdonald College, Stella Etheredge, Class of 1919

            Box 20: Flora Macdonald College, Ruth McIver McKinnon (Morgan), Class of 1920

            Box 21: Flora Macdonald College, Caroline Gibson, Class of 1921

            Box 22: Flora Macdonald College, Esther Mae Grier (Wall), Class of 1946

            *Box 23: Flora Macdonald College, Jane Harris (Mitchell), 1938; Anna Earle Waldrop, (1941); Hilda Blue (Worth), 1949; Elizabeth McNeely (Reagan), 1949

            *Box 24: Flora Macdonald College, Betty McLean (Ritchie), 1950; Mary Alice Parks (Rhoades), 1950; Martha Davenport (Gladfelter), Class of 1951; Jane Carswell (Roberts), Class of 1954; Marilyn & Manette Layton, Class of 1959; Elise Williams (Blackwell), Class of 1959

            *Box 25: Flora Macdonald College, Doris Dunn (Smith), Class of 1955

            *Box 26: Flora Macdonald College, Elizabeth Clark (Barringer), Class of 1959; Poe Peyt Stanton, Class of 1960 Memorabilia from 50th Reunion, Class of 1960; Judith Rembert, Class of 1961

            *Box 27: Miscellaneous Memorabilia, 1896 - 1929

            *Box 28: Miscellaneous Memorabilia, 1930-1961

            *Box 29: Gay Mothershead, Class of 1959; Eleanor Gillespie Wilson, Class of 1961; Judy Wienges, Class of 1961

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RECORD GROUP:  Elise Academy

             Box 1: Contract (Presbyterian Historical Society / SAPC obtaining Elise Academy Archives)


             Box 2: Principal’s Records 1925-1936

             Box 3: Principal’s Records 1937-1939

             Box 4: Text Book’s (Billing, payment statements and correspondence)

             Box 5: Employment Applications 1931-1940

                       Employment Rejection Letter’s 1931-1940

             Box 6: Admissions Correspondence

             Box 7: Miscellaneous Business Office Records, Financial Reports

             Box 8: Sale of Elise Academy

                       Trustee Minutes 1905-1940

                       Trustee Correspondence

                       Committee Minutes 1905-1940

             Box 9: Student Records (Attendance and GPA scores)


             Box 10: Moore County Public School Correspondence 1935-1939

                        Local Presbyterian Churches History and Local Genealogy

                        Presbyterian Church USA

             Box 11: Commencement 1931-1939

                        Vocational Information

                        Student Aid Work Programs

                        Student Body Money Raising Schemes

                        School Catalog correspondence w/Printers

                        NC State Education Requirements and Recommendations

             Box 12: Summer School



                        Music Department

                        Faculty Advising Information

                        Faculty and Administrative Information

                        Cards and Letters about Elise Academy

                        Business Advertisements 

             Box 13: W. Stuart Evans Correspondence 1928-1940 (Superintendent)

                         Edwin A. West Correspondence 1933-1940

             Box 14: Business Office Records 1931-1939 A-F

             Box 15: Business Office Records 1931-1939 G-N

             Box 16: Business Office Records 1931-1939 O-Y

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             Box 1: Photographs (located in Display Room)

             Box 2: Donaldson Academy

             Box 3: PJC history

             Box 4: Faculty Minutes, Enrollment rosters, Dorm regulations, Certificates, Sandspur 1947-1959, Blue Stocking 1951-53


             Box 5: Inventories, donor lists

             Box 6: News clippings

             Box 7: Financial audits and statements, 1941-1961, Alumni Day 1977, Robert Doares, Terry Sanford

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SAPC 1: Early history

SAPC 1.1  Consolidated College

             Box 1A: Consolidated College

             Box 1B: Bids by Various Cities for College Location

             Box 2: Support for locating in Laurinburg

             Box 3: Proposed sites F-Re and Sanford

             Box 4: Proposed sites Ro-W

             Box 5: Background reports 1941, 1957, 1965, papers of 1957 panel

             Box 6A: Presbyterian Higher Institutions in North Carolina (1979), St. Andrews and the Church (1980)

             Box 6B: St. Andrews and Presbyterian Church

             Box 6C Presbyterian Church and Higher Education

             Box 7: Reports: Chapel Hill (1957), Mahew (1966), Holiday Inn    

             Box 8: Legal documents of Consolidated College                                

                          Item 1: Flora Macdonald College and Wachovia Bank and Trust Co.: Agreement (appointing

                                     Wachovia as Fiscal Agent)                                  

                          Item 2: Minutes of Consolidated Presbyterian College Fund, Inc., May 15, 1956-Feb. 9, 1961

                          Item 3: Certificate of Consolidation, Agreement of Consolidation

                          Item 4: Title Insurance Policy, Blanket Position Bond, First Class Mail Policy                            

                          Item 5: Real Estate (Air Base Property)

                          Item 6: Real Estate Papers

                          Item 7: Real Estate (Sold)

                          Item 8A: Real Estate (Deeds for College Site, A-L)

                          Item 8B: Real Estate (Deeds for College Site, M-W)

                          Item 9: Real Estate (College Site Property, President’s House and Lot)

                          Item 10: Valuable Papers

                          Item 11: Valuable Papers


SAPC 1.2 Founding

             Box 1: Consolidation, founding, by-laws, documents

             Box 2: Brochures, articles: founding 1961/62

             Box 3: Historical materials, Name Committee, Campus site, Historical sketches

SAPC 1.3: Earliest years

             Box 1: First year events

             Box 2: Early news clippings

             Box 3: Publications and articles about St. Andrews #1

             Box 4: Publications and articles about St. Andrews #2

             Box 5: Heritage brochures

              Box 6: Historical materials 1956-1966

SAPC 2: Trustees

             Box 1: Board of Advisors, Board of  Visitors

             Box 2: Trustee Parker: correspondence

             Box 3A: Trustee Parker: Presbyterian News 1956-1972 (incomplete)

             Box 3B: Trustee Parker

             Box 4: Trustee Perry #1

             Box 5: Trustee Perry #2

             Box 6: Individual trustees

             Box 6A: Trustees’ committees

             Box 6B: Trustees 1959-1974

             Box 7: Trustees' 1961, 1965-1969

             Box 7A: Trustees 1974-1977

             Box 8: Trustee committee reports, late 1970s-1980s

             Box 8A: Trustees sourcebook 1979-1980

             Box 9: Trustees 1970s-1980s

             Box 9A: Trustees 1977-1978

             Box 9B: Trustees 1979-1983

             Box 10: Trustees mid 1980s

             Box 10A: Trustees 1980-1984

             Box 10B: Trustees 1984-1988

             Box 11: Trustees late 1980s, 1990s

             Box 12: Trustees 1990-

SAPC 3: Presidents

Note: Photographs of Presidents located in Box 19A and 19B

SAPC 3.1: General Materials                 

             Box 1: Presidential search committees

SAPC 3.2: Ansley C. Moore

             Box 1: Ansley C. Moore, 1st President, 1961-1969

             Box 2: Ansley C. Moore: booklets, campaign materials. etc. 

             Box 3: Ansley C. Moore: materials from his tenure

SAPC 3.3: Donald J. Hart

             Box 1: Donald J. Hart, 2nd President, 1969-1975


SAPC 3:4: Alvin P. Perkinson

             Box 1: Alvin P. Perkinson, 3rd President, 1975-1987

             Box 2: Alvin P. Perkinson: South Africa trip and Far East trip

             Box 3: Alvin P. Perkinson: Reports

             Box 4: Alvin P. Perkinson: Papers


SAPC 3.5: Thomas L. Reuschling

             Box 1: Thomas L. Reuschling, 4th President, 1987-1994

SAPC 3.6: Warren L. Board

             Box 1: Warren L. Board, 5th President, 1994-2000

SAPC 3.7: Douglas W. Hix

             Box 1: Douglas Hix, 6th President, 2000-2001; William J. Loftus, Acting President 2001-02

SAPC 3.8: John Deegan, Jr


             Box 1: John Deegan, Jr., 7th President, 2002-2006

SAPC 3.9: Paul Baldasare


             Box 1: Paul Baldasare, 8th President, 2006

SAPC 4: Administration, general

             Box 1: Administration and staff personnel

             Box 2: Administrative Council 1984-1986

             Box 3: Statistics, CIRP Reports, Registrar's Office Stats, Headcounts, Majors, etc.

             Box 4: Washington Financial Group, 1984-86

             Box 5: Administrative reports and reports of consultants

SAPC 5: Communications Office      

             Box 1: Communications Office Files, Misc 1960s-1980s

             Box 2: Communications Office files 1990s

             Box 3: News releases Jan. 1961-Sept. 17, 1965

             Notebook 1: News releases Jan.-May 1979

             Notebook 2: News releases 1980

             Notebook 3: News releases Jan.-Mar. 1981

             Notebook 4: News releases Apr.-Dec. 1981

             Notebook 5: News releases Jan. - May 1982

             Notebook 6: News releases June-Aug. 1982

             Notebook 7: News releases Sept. - Dec 1982

             Notebook 8: News releases Jan. - May 1983

             Notebook 9: News releases June - Dec. 1983

             Notebook 10: News releases Jan - July 1983                           

             Notebook 11: News releases Mar 1985 - Aug 1986

             Notebook 12: News releases 1986/87

             Notebook 13: News releases 1987/88         

             Notebook 14: News releases 1988/89- 1989/90

             Notebook 15: News releases 1990/91-1992/93

             Notebook 16: News releases 1993/94

             Notebook 17: News releases 1994/95                         

             Notebook 18: News releases 1998/99

             Notebook 19: News releases 2006-2008

             Notebook 20: News releases Jan. - Oct. 2009   


SAPC 6: Admissions Office

             Box 1: Admissions strategy

SAPC 7: Development

SAPC 7.1: Day files

             Notebook 1: Development day files Nov. 1982-Feb. 1983

             Notebook 2: Development day files Mar.-Apr. 1983

SAPC 8: Faculty and Staff

Note: Files on individual faculty and staff members are located in the filing cabinets in the Records Room. Files include biographical information, articles written, photos, awards, news clippings, etc.

SAPC 8.1: General faculty materials

             Box 1: Faculty/staff contracts, appointments, lists, Faculty/Staff Annual Recognition

             Box 2A: Odd committees, Ad Hoc committees, Sub-committees

             Box 2B: Task forces and working groups

             Box 3: Tenured faculty voting lists, Standing Committee Lists, Division and Dept. Chairs

             Box 4: Faculty orientation, Faculty Prep Week

             Box 5: Warner Hall Chair of Religion, Faculty development, Workshops, Symposia, Planning Retreats

             Box 6: Faculty calendars, Academic calendars

             Box 7: Memos to faculty

SAPC 8.2: Faculty minutes

             Box 1: Faculty minutes 1960s

             Box 2: Faculty minutes 1970s

             Box 3: Faculty minutes 1980s

             Box 4: Faculty minutes 1990s

             Box 5: Faculty minutes 2000s



SAPC 8.3: Faculty and Staff Handbooks

             Box 1: Faculty handbooks

             Box: 2: Faculty advisors' handbook Free Advice (Crossley)

             Box 3: Staff Handbooks


SAPC 8.4: Faculty Executive Committee

             Box 1: FEC minutes 1961-70

             Box 2: FEC minutes 1970-80

             Box 3: FEC minutes 1980-90

             Box 4: FEC minutes 1990-95

             Box 5: FEC minutes 1995-

SAPC 8.5: Educational Policy Committee

             Box 1: EPC minutes 1960s

             Box 2: EPC minutes 1970s

             Box 3: EPC minutes 1980s

             Box 4: EPC minutes 1990s

             Box 5: EPC minutes 2000-2009            

SAPC 8.6: Other committees

             Box 1:  Student Life Committee minutes, Student Affairs Committee

             Box 2: Admissions Committee Minutes, Admissions, Retention, Financial Aid Committee (ARFA) minutes

             Box 3: Faculty Development, Evaluation (FDE) Committee minutes 1977-2009

             Box 4: Compute Committee minutes 1998-2003

                        Information Technology Council minutes 2004

                        International Program Committee (IPC) minutes 1991 -

                        Special Events Committee 1982 -

                        Sage Curriculum Committee 2004/05

             Box 5: Curriculum and Assessment Committee (CAC) minutes 2009-

                       Enrollment and Student Services Committee (ESSC) minutes 2009-


SAPC 8.7: Faculty members

             Box 1: Clyde Edgerton - book reviews, biographical info

SAPC 9: Planning and self-studies

SAPC 9.1: Planning

             Box 1: Long-range planning reports, 1964-1983

             Box 2: Long-range planning reports 1985-1994

             Box 3: Planning and Case Statements

                        Curriculum Revision and Innovation 1970

                        Program Reviews 1981-82

                        Case Statement 1983

                        Continuity and Change Strategic Plan 2003-08


SAPC 9.2: Self-studies

             Box 1: Self-study 1964

             Box 2: Self study 1969, Report of visiting committee

             Box 3: Self study 1969: (W. Alexander's files)

             Box 4: Self study 1980, SACS interim report 1985

             Box 5: Self study 1980: (W. Alexander's files)

             Box 6: Self study 1989/90:(W. Alexander's files)

             Box 7: Self-study 1989/1990

             Box 8: Abbreviated self study 1995

                        SACS visit materials 2005

                        SACS visit 2006

                        SACS Decision - June 2007

             Box 9: Self study 2000

             Box 10: Teacher Education Self studies 1978, 1986. Programs, History

             Box 11: Teacher Education self study 1992, 1997, 2007 NCATE and NCDPI

             Box 12: American Academy for Liberal Education (AALE) Accreditation 2008-2010

SAPC 10: Finances

SAPC 10.1: Land development

             Box 1: Land development 1975-84

                        Holly Square Shopping Center

                        Hospital & Medical Offices

                        Balmoral & Sherbrooke
                        Scotia Village - 1987

SAPC 10.2: Campaigns

             Box 1A: Financial reports and campaigns 1960s

             Box 1B: Financial reports and campaigns 1970s and 1980s

             Box 1C: Fund-raising campaigns before 1990-96

             Box 1E: Fund-raising campaigns 1996-

SAPC  10.3: Gifts and grants

             Box 1: Gifts-

                        Memorial plaques


                        Jenny Bahn Platter
                        Berlin Bell
                        Yukio Mishima Books

                        Wierex Engravings


             Box 2: Lilly Endowment for Faculty Development 1978

             Box 3: H.U.D. grant: mobile housing for handicapped students

             Box 4: R. J. Reynolds III memorabilia

SAPC 11: Academic programs

SAPC 11.1: Core Curriculum

             Box 1: Core curriculum advisory report, Chapel Hill 1957

             Box 2: Christianity and Culture, SAS (St. Andrews Studies) (Note: C&C Syllabi are located in the file cabinet in the Records Room)        

             Box 3: SAGE, CORE, General Education                        

SAPC 11.2: Individual academic programs

             Box 1: Brunnenburg

             Box 2: International studies - Stirling, Ecuador

             Box 3: Equestrian program and newsletters

             Box 4: St. Andrews at Sandhills

             Box 5: St. Andrews Academy

             Box 6: Honors papers 1970-1981

             Box 7: Honors papers 1982-1995

             Box 8: Warner Hall Prize papers

             Box 9A: Science Program Development

                        Danforth Foundation Grant for Science Program 1967-69

                        Conference on Science 1965

                        NSF COSIP Grant

             Box 9B: Science Program Development, 1960s and 1970s

             Box 9C: Science Building Planning, 1960s and 1970s

             Box 10: Physical Education and Sport

SAPC 11.3: DeTamble Library

             Box 1: DeTamble Library: self study, photos, Bibliofile

             Box 2: DeTamble Library: reference guides, memorabilia, Favorite Books Survey

             Box 3: Librarian’s files and reports

             Box 4: DeTamble Library: automated system selection, 1998-1999

             Box 5: DeTamble Library: Innovative Interfaces Inc. contract, Miscellany, 1999-

             Box 6: DeTamble Library annual reports, Library Committee, etc.

             Notebook 1: Library Budget Committee 1961-1976

             Notebook 2: Library Budget Committee 1976-1981

SAPC 12: Students

             Box 1: Student orientation

             Box 2: Burris Center and Disability programs

             Box 3: Scholarships, Memorials

             Box 4A: Student life

             Box 4B: Student life, Clubs A-M

             Box 4C: Student life, Clubs N-Z

             Box 5: Student Senate, Cabinet

             Box 6: Parents’ orientation, Parents’ handbooks, Family Weekend

             Box 7: Guinness Book of Records, Debates 1989 and 1992

             Box 8: Sports

                        Press Releases



SAPC 13: Events and celebrations

SAPC 13.1: Annual events

             Box 1: Convocations: programs and speeches

             Box 2A: Writers program, Writers’ Forum

             Box 2B: Chapbook, Fortner Award, Ragan Award, One Book One Community

             Box 3: Honorary degrees, Margaret Bowen Award, Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

             Box 4: Honors Awards Convocations, Honor Societies

             Box 5: Baccalaureate

             Box 6: Commencements 1962-1972, Speaker List

             Box 7: Commencements 1973-, Speeches

             Box 8: Asian Festival

                        German Week

                        Holocaust Lecture

                        Terry Sanford Day 
                        MLK Day of Service   

             Box 9: Fellows and Lecturers

                        E. Hervey Evans Lectures

                        E. Hervey Evans Distinguished Fellows/Lectures

                       Woodrow Wilson Fellows
                       Warner Hall Fellows

             Box 10: Science, Technology and Religion Conference (2002)

                        Religion and Science Roundtable (Metanexus) 2002-2005

                        Religion and Science Roundtable (funded by John Calvin McNair) 2005-   

             Box 11A: John Calvin McNair Lecture Series at UNC-Chapel Hill

                        1908, Francis H. Smith

                        1919, Francis Greenwood Peabody

                        1925, Williams Louis Poteat

                        1932, Harris Elliott Kirk

                        1939, Arthur H. Compton

                        1939, George F. Thomas   

                        1940, William Ernest Hocking

                        1948, Kirtley F. Mather

                        1950, Edward W. Sinnott 

                        1955, C.A. Coulson

                        1960, Robert Oppenheimer

                        1963, H. Bently Glass

                        1996, Lindon J. Eves

                        1997, Dr. John F. Ahearne

                        1998, Holmes Rolston, III

             Box 11B: John Calvin McNair Lectures, History at UNC, 1909-2005, Correspondence

             Box 11C: John Calvin McNair Lectures on Science and Theology at St. Andrews, 2006-


SAPC 13.2: Celebrations

             Box 1: Inaugurals

             Box 2: Dedications

             Box 3: 25th Anniversary 1986                       

                       Centennial 1995/96 (founding of FMC 1896)

                       50th Anniversary of St. Andrews - Semicentennial 2008/09


SAPC 13.3: Scottish Heritage Center

             Box 1: Bag Pipe Band                          

                       Scottish Heritage Symposium  

                       Genealogical Info


SAPC 13.4 Special Events


             Box 1: Former President William Clinton Visit 2008        


SAPC 14: Alumni and persons related to the College

SAPC 14.1: Alumni

             Box 1: Alumni

             Box 2: Alumni Day, Weekend

             Box 3: Alumni

             Box 4: Alumni: Amos Abrams, Saax Bradbury - located in Special Collections Room

             Box 5: Alumni: Amos Abrams, Saax Bradbury exhibit - located in Special Collections Room

SAPC 14.2: Persons related to the College


             Box 1: Ethel Fortner

SAPC 15: Buildings, art, other objects

             Box 1A: Buildings A-D, Architect

             Box 1B: Buildings E-Z

             Box 2: Collections, Orr etchings, Charles Merrill Collection, David McLean African Collection

             Box 3: Art on campus:
                       Willett Mosaic



             Box 4: Mace, Alma Mater, President’s Medallion and Chain of Office, Cross-stitch kit for 1st college seal

             Box 5: Stationary, Postcards, Maps, Logos, Christmas Cards

             Box 6: Diplomas

             Box 7: Heritage Room/College Archives

             Box 8: Proposed chapel

             Box 9: Flora Macdonald Memorial Garden

                       Ben Dixon McNeill - Sandroots, The Hatterasman

                       Flora MacKinnon MacNeill - Tanglewile
                       Garden Neuk, 1990
                       Flora Macdonald Neuk Rededication 2008


SAPC 16: Auxiliary organizations and activities

             Box 1: St. Andrews Press/St. Andrews Review

             Box 2: AAUP American Association of University Professors, 1970-1973, 1987, AAUW

             Box 3A: Dames – minutes, booklets, miscellany

             Box 3B: Dames – Scrapbooks

             Box 3C: Dames – Faculty/Staff Directories

             Box 4: SAILL (St. Andrews Institute of Lifelong Learning), Music Camp

             Box 5: Future problem solving

             Box 6: Presbyterian Guidance Center
                       Career and Personal Counseling Center

             Box 7: Elderhostel
                       NC Student Academy of Science
                       SACK Program
                       Science Olympiad


SAPC 17: Newspaper and magazine clippings

             Box 1: Newspaper articles  1968-1995

             Box 2: Newspaper articles 1996-1997

             Box 3: Newspaper articles 1998-1999

             Box 4: Newspaper articles 2000-2002

             Box 5: Newspaper articles 2003

             Box 6: Newspaper articles 2004-2007

             Box 7: Newspaper articles 2008-2010

             Box 8: Newspaper articles 2010-

             Box 9: Newspapers related to SAPC, Laurinburg Exchange (original papers)
                      Sept. 22, 1961 Laurinburg Exchange and Others

SAPC 18: Photographs

             Box 1A: 1960s (dated)

             Box 1B: 1960s

             Box 2A: 1970s (dated)

             Box 2B: 1970s

             Box 2C: 1960s and 1970s - Sports

             Box 3A: 1980s

             Box 3B: Early 1980s (dated)

             Box 3C: Late 1980s (dated)

             Box 3D: 1980s (8x10s)

             Box 3E: 1980s - Sports

             Box 4A: 1990s

             Box 4B: 1990s

             Box 4C: 1990s -Sports

             Box 4D: 1990s Campus Life (color)

             Box 5A: 2000s (color)

             Box 5B: 2000s - Sports (color)

             Box 6: Alumni Events, Class Reunions, Banquets, Meetings

             Box 7: Art Exhibits, Art Classes, Art

             Box 8: Building the College, Construction, Aerial Views, Architectural Layout

             Box 9A: Campus Scenes: Buildings, Lakes and Grounds

             Box 9B: Campus Scenes: Buildings, Lakes and Grounds (color)

             Box 10A: Commencements and Convocations 1961-1989

             Box 10B: Commencements and Convocations 1990-

             Box 11: Development, Campaigns, Donors

             Box 12: Equestrian Events, Horses, Riders, Facilities

             Box 13:

             Box 14: Governor's School

             Box 15: Library

             Box 16: Morgan Jones, Equipment, Events, Science Labs

             Box 17: Choral Groups, Instrumental Music, Music Camps

             Box 18: Objects and Memorabilia

             Box 19A: Presidents Moore, Hart

             Box 19B: Presidents Perkinson, Reuschling, Board, Hix, Loftus, Deegan, Baldasare

             Box 20: Scotland County, Laurinburg

             Box 21: Scottish Heritage, Pipe Band

             Box 22: St. Andrews at Sandhills

             Box 23: Travel, Class and Club Trips, Faculty Travel

             Box 24: Trustees: Morgan, Holshouser and others

             Box 25: Visiting Lecturers and Performers

             Box 26: Writers' Forum, Literary Awards, Fortner Awards, St. Andrews Press

SAPC 18.1: Slides
             Boxes 1-30
             Located in Archives Storage Room

SAPC 18.2: Negatives and Contact Sheets
             Boxes 1-37 1960-1984
             Located in Archives Storage Room

SAPC 18.3: Oversize Photos
             Box 1: Misc. Photographs

SAPC 19: Large items and regalia


             Box 1: Long rolled posters and art work

             Box 2: Small items

                                    Leather tortoiseshell snuffbox

                                    St. Andrews Day button

                                    Wooden paperweight

                                    St. Andrews seal on magnet

                                    Thistle pin

                                    Paper label

                                    FMC class ring

                                    Laurinburg All-America City pins

             Box 3: Banners, pennant

                                    Consolidated College banner

                                    PJC banner

                                    St. Andrews pennant

             Box 4: Large flat items

                                    Sketch of bell tower

                                    Japanese painting


                                    Photos of Belk, Pate

                                    Resolution by trustees

             Box 5: Fabric items

                                    St. Andrews shirts

                                    St. Andrews cap

                                    St. Andrews baby bib

                                    St. Andrews apron

             Box 6: Fabric items

                                    Choir robe

                                    Honors sashes 1980s

                                    Banner: class of 1961

             Box 7A: Posters - Highland Players

             Box 7B: Posters - Misc.

             Box 8: Bricks from the McCormick Family Home (The Home Place) (See file on the Home Place and book of that title by Nettie McCormick Henley)

             Box 9: Sand Roots   manuscript by Ben Dixon MacNeill

             Box 10: The Imperial Lion manuscript by Stuart A. Marks

SAPC 20: Blueprints, maps, aerial photographs

             Box 1: Miscellaneous blueprints

              Item #                         Description

                  1.       Music Conservatory Building, Plumbing plan, 12-28-60

                  2.       Men’s dormitory, 9-29-67

                  3.       Music Conservatory plan, revised 8-21-60

                  4.       Additions and alterations to Student Center 3-9-77, copy 1

                  5.       Additions and alterations to Student Center, 3-9-77, copy 2

                  6.       Covered walks, 1-7-80

                  7.       Additions to library, 11-11-86

                  8.       Handicap improvements, 4-22-81, copy 1

                  9.       Handicap improvements, 4-22-81, copy 2

                 10.      Addition study # (to library), 10-10-86

                 11.      Bookstore location plan, 4-26-61

                 12.      Scotland Memorial Hospital, preliminary, 11-15-80

                 13.      Proposed Computer Center, 2-15-83

                 14.      Science Building, 9-11-67

                 15.      Master plan, sheet no. 2 (reduced), 12-10-80, 4 copies

                 16.      Science Building, 3-31-67, copy 1 and copy 2

                 17.      Science Building keying information

                 18.      Library plan worksheets (for additions)

                 19.      Science Building, first floor plan, south portion, 6-27-69

                 20       Science Building, first floor plan, north portion, 6-27-69

                 21.      Science Building, basement floor plan, north portion, 6-27-69

                 22.      Science Building, basement floor plan, south portion, 6-27-69

                 23.      Student Center, second floor plan, 7-14-76

                 24.      Science Building, 3-10-67

                 25.      Science Building, 3-31-67, copy 1

                 26.      Science Building, 3-31-67, copy 2

                 27.      Landscape plans 1962, with proposed revisions 1991

                 28.      Library, 8-24-63

                 29.      Science Building 3-31-67, copy 3

                 30.      Architect’s drawings: Belk Student Center, Morgan-Jones Science Building.
                 31.     Maxton Air Base Property - Maps of PJC Property (1953), St. Andrews Maps (1973, 1975)

             Box 2: Blueprints

                                    Item 1: Master plan 12-10-80

                                    Item 1: Master plan 10-18-78

                                    Item 3: Composite map of property owned by SAPC 1-22-75

                                    Item 4: Campus maps

                                    Item 5: Revisions to master plan 11-11-86

             Box 3: Proposed campus

                                    Item 1: Architect’s drawing

             Box 4: Aerial photographs

                                    Item 1: Conservation plan map of campus

                                    Item 2: Jordan Pond area south of Laurinburg 2-27-56

                                    Item 3: Campus site 1949?

             Box 5: Blueprints

                                    Item 1: Landscape plan K-Mart Center 12-76

                                    Item 2: Landscape plan K-Mart Center (undated)

                                    Item 3: Balmoral 9-1-82

                                    Item 4: Stewartsville Township Air Base property

             Box 6: Blueprints

                                    Item 1: Balmoral, final map 6-83

                                    Item 2: Science Building, progress drawing 6-7-67

                                    Item: Covered walks 1-1-80

             Box 7: Blueprints

                                    Item 1: DeTamble Library (original)

                                    Item 2: DeTamble Library additions 1-26-87

                                    Item 3: Smith, McLaurin, McNeill property 12-13-55

             Box 8: Blueprints

                                    Item 1: Additions and alterations to Student Center 7-79                                

                                    Item 2: Rehabilitation and Evaluation Center 3-9-79

                                    Item 3: Handicap improvements 3-31-81

             Box 9: Blueprints

                                    Item 1: Additions and alterations to Student Center 3-9-77

                                    Item 2: DeTamble Library with microcomputer center

                                    Item 3: Scottish Heritage Center, revised 11-10-95

                                    Item 4: Scottish Heritage Center 9-95

             Box 16: Blueprints

                                    Item 1: Campus revisions 4-20-82

                                    Item 2: Consolidated College general site grading plan 9-59
                                    Item 3: Equestrian Center 5-6-2000

SAPC 21: Brochures from Admissions and other brochures            

             Box 1: Brochures 1960s-1970s

             Box 2: Brochures 1977-1980

             Box 3: Brochures 1983-1991

             Box 4: Brochures 1990s

             Box 5: Brochures mid-late 1990s

             Box 6: Brochures 1994-2003
             Box 7: Brochures 2001-2010

             Box 8: Brochures 2011-

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             Box 1:  Governor’s School East: Photographs

             Box 2:  Governor’s School East 1978-1984

             Box 3:  Governor’s School East 1985-1990

             Box 4:  Governor’s School East 1991-

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Sieber 1:  Papers

             Box 1:  Miscellaneous papers

             Box 2:  Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 85th Congress, Second Session.

                         May 5, 1958 to May 15, 1958.

             Box 3:  Letters to C. Shansea and Dorothy Pound

             Box 4:  Ezra Pound Papers - Photocopies

Sieber 2:  Books

             Book 1:  Espey, John J.  Ezra Pound’s Mauberley.  1955.

             Book 2:  Fraser, G. S.  Ezra Pound.  1960.

             Book 3:  Kenner, Hugh.  The Pound Era.  1971.

             Book 4:  Kenner, Hugh.  The Pound Era.  1973.

             Book 5:  Mullins, Eustace.  This Difficult Individual: Ezra Pound.  1961.

             Book 6:  Norman, Charles.  Ezra Pound.  1960.

             Book 7.  Norman, Charles.  Ezra Pound.  1969.

             Book 8.  O’Connor, William Van.  A Casebook on Ezra Pound.  1959.

             Book 9.  Pound, Ezra.  The Cantos of Ezra Pound.  1948.

             Book 10.  Pound, Ezra.  Impact:  Essays on Ignorance and the Decline of American Civilization.  1960.

             Book 11.  Pound, Ezra.  Jefferson and/or Mussolini.  1936

             Book 12.  Pound, Ezra.  The Letters of Ezra Pound, 1907-1941.  1950.

             Book 13.  Pound, Ezra.  Thrones 96-109 de los cantares.  1959.

             Book 14.  Russell, Peter, ed.  An Examination of Ezra Pound: a Collection of Essays. 1950.

             Book 15.  Sophocles. Women of Trachis: a version by Ezra Pound.  1957.

             Book 16.  Stock, Noel, ed.  Ezra Pound Perspectives: Essays in Honor of His Eightieth Birthday.  1965.

             Book 17.  Stock Noel.  The Life of Ezra Pound.  1970.

             Book 18.  Viereck, Peter.  Dream and Responsibility: Four Test Cases of the Tension Between Poetry and Society. 


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