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St. Andrews students have experienced internships with IBM, Nickelodeon, United Nations, NASA, Disney World, Wells Fargo, and Easter Seals to name a few.

Joe Junod '69

Joe Junod '69

English Major


Gannett Co., Inc. (media company)

Arlington, VA

     "St. Andrews changed my life. A listless student in high school, I had to choose between the US Army (Vietnam for sure) and St. Andrews. I chose the later, but did not expect success and fully expected to be drafted after I flunked out.

     But I did not flunk out...because what I found was not what I expected. The intellectual atmosphere from Day One was electric. The professors (Ludlow, Carver, Alexander) were challenging, unrelenting and tough. I loved it all, from the first day, especially Christianity and Culture, which was rigorous and extremely valuable. I found I actually liked to study and explore. (I once got a B+ from Ludlow and asked him why I hadn't gotten an A. He said "The only people who get As from me are as smart as me" That smackdown only made me work harder. Never did get an A from him though.)

     It was some years after graduation that I realized the greatest gift St. Andrews and its merry band of professors had given me: The ability to think - to think strategically, to think things through, to look at all sides, to balance passion and reason. That gift coupled with the deep and broad liberal arts education I received, was absolutely the best preparation I could have had for the profession I chose: journalism. Any success I have enjoyed has its roots in Laurinburg." (2008)

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