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The St. Andrews Pipe Band is one of the university's most visible organizations and has become one of the top competing pipe bands in the southern United States.

Joe Junod '69

Joe Junod '69

English Major


Gannett Co., Inc. (media company)

Arlington, VA

     "St. Andrews changed my life. A listless student in high school, I had to choose between the US Army (Vietnam for sure) and St. Andrews. I chose the later, but did not expect success and fully expected to be drafted after I flunked out.

     But I did not flunk out...because what I found was not what I expected. The intellectual atmosphere from Day One was electric. The professors (Ludlow, Carver, Alexander) were challenging, unrelenting and tough. I loved it all, from the first day, especially Christianity and Culture, which was rigorous and extremely valuable. I found I actually liked to study and explore. (I once got a B+ from Ludlow and asked him why I hadn't gotten an A. He said "The only people who get As from me are as smart as me" That smackdown only made me work harder. Never did get an A from him though.)

     It was some years after graduation that I realized the greatest gift St. Andrews and its merry band of professors had given me: The ability to think - to think strategically, to think things through, to look at all sides, to balance passion and reason. That gift coupled with the deep and broad liberal arts education I received, was absolutely the best preparation I could have had for the profession I chose: journalism. Any success I have enjoyed has its roots in Laurinburg." (2008)

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