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Office of Disability Services

Housing Guidelines for Students with Documented Physical Disabilities

Students who have physical disabilities must submit documentation attesting to the disability from an appropriate licensed medical professional as well as from educational professionals. Documentation should contain specifics about the disability and the manner in which it dictates on-campus housing needs. The documentation must address both educational and physical needs.

Students who have physical disabilities and will need housing accommodations must complete the appropriate forms and be registered with the Office of Disability Services before being considered for special housing. The Office of Student Services will not process housing requests until the student is registered and has completed the documentation with the Office of Disability Services.

All students residing in St. Andrews University housing must

  • Have the ability to independently evacuate the building in an emergency or for an emergency drill.
  • Have the ability to be independently mobile throughout campus and during inclement weather
  • Be able to independently transfer from a mobility assistive device (wheel chair, scooter, etc.) to bed, chair, toilet and shower and back to assistive device.
  • Must maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene with minimum amount of assistance.
  • Have the ability to manage, direct, or administer their own healthcare regimen
  • Have the ability to independently coordinate maintenance and repair of all assistive technology and devices.

 Examples of accommodations the University may provide for students registered with the Office of Disability Services are

  • Priority room registration
  • Single room assignment
  • One – Story residence hall assignment
  • Non – intrusive modifications (grab bar, raised toilet seats, strobes)
  • Removal of room furniture to accommodate assistive devices
  • Providing electrical service to charge wheel chairs or scooters.

It is best to discuss your specific housing needs with the Coordinator of Disability Services in order to be sure that on-campus living at St. Andrews will be an effective and appropriate choice for you.

If you have any questions concerning housing, please feel free to contact the Office of Disability Services at 910-277-5667 or the Office of Student Affairs at 910-277-5151.


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