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"My time here has instilled within me a special kind of character, one that only comes as a result of a community geared toward opening your mind... not just filling your mind with more information."
- Blair Garnett, Class of '10, from NC

Interdisciplinary Studies

The purpose of the interdisciplinary studies major is to permit students to profit from the study of the full breadth of a liberal arts curriculum, as an end in itself as well as to complement and provide a context for the study of a particular discipline. The major may draw on courses in the natural and health sciences, mathematics, fine arts, humanities, and the social and behavioral sciences. It allows students to explore and appreciate the ways in which diverse disciplines, schools of thought, modes of inquiry, and cultures fit into the rich fabric of human nature and self-expression. Intellectual, cultural, social, political, scientific, artistic, literary, and religious interactions and influences within a given era and from age to age are studied. Depth of knowledge and understanding is gained through progressively advanced study in several disciplines, rather than in a single discipline.


"I chose an interdisciplinary major because I was able to combine several aspects of different degrees that directly relate it to what I want to do as a career.  I plan on working in the horse industry, so I chose to combine Business Administration,

Equine Studies and Psychology and virtually created my own personal major. Although we offer an Equine Business degree here at St. Andrews, I wanted to take it a step further and incorporate psychology to help prepare me to

communicate and deal with a wide variety of people I would encounter in my work. 

The interdisciplinary major is a very interesting concept, for the student gets to pick their own classes from each sections of concentration they chose, with the help of an advisor.  This way you get to take the classes that will benefit you the most.  I strongly suggest this major to students who do not want to limit

themselves to just one area of emphasis.  Being an interdisciplinary major,I was able to hit on different areas of different degrees, truly customizing my learning to what I wanted and would benefit from most."

-Lindsey Agaliotis '13



Career Options for the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate

The versatility of a interdisciplinary studies degree allows you to continue into applied studies, or you can use the communications, reasoning, and thinking skills you've developed to enter into a wide choice of careers. Like a degree in general studies, interdisciplinary studies are appealing to employers who are looking for a generalist - someone who has the proven ability to think in different areas and has not been pigeon holed to work in only one mind set. Any professional needs to understand the world and society in order to be a contributing member - from interior designers to clergy.

Your career choices can include teaching, communications, media, advertising, marketing, public service or law, and all within business, government, non profit, science, social science, music, or language sectors. It can be as diverse as labor relations specialist, women's rights advocate, or planned donations officer at a museum.




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