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Major in Forensic Science

Required Courses

BIO 201- Concepts in Biology
CHE 210- Essential Concepts in Chemistry (General Chemistry I)
CHE 210L- Essential Concepts in Chemistry Lab
MAT 205- Statistics
PHY 201or211- Physics
POL 231- Introduction to Law
PSY 101- Introduction to Psychology
FOR 201- Introduction to Forensic Science
FOR 401- Crime Scene Investigation/ Evidence Collection
FOR 402- Microanalysis of Trace Evidence
Senior Seminar (PSY 350 or CHE 455or SAGE 381)

Required Courses for the concentration in Chemistry

CHE 215 & 215L- Introduction to Structural Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 220 & 220L- Introductory Organic Chemistry I
CHE 350 & 350L- Introductory Organic Chemistry II
CHE 315 & 315L- Analytical Chemistry
CHE 365- Biochemistry I: Biomolecules
CHE 365L- Biomolecules Laboratory

Required Courses for the concentration in Psychology

PSY 202- Research Methods
PSY 232- Biopsychology
PSY 245- Behavior Pathology
PSY 260- Psychology in Legal Contexts
PSY 325- Drugs and Behavior
PSY 331- Social Psychology
PSY 337- Personality Theory
PSY 433- Cognitive Neuroscience

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