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The Learner-Centered Professional Teacher Model

    Learner-Centered Professional Teacher Model


The Learner-Centered Professional Teacher Model has five essential and non-negotiable elements:

     Content Knowledge and General Education Knowledge:

    • Knowing what you teach (North Carolina Standard Course of Study in all education majors)
    • Knowledge of the SAGE requirements

     Knowledge of the Learner:

    • Providing teacher candidates with courses which will develop knowledge, skills and dispositions that will ensure that they are capable of teaching students with diverse learning

     Knowledge of Pedagogy:

    • Providing an educational program which will prepare teacher candidates to teach using a myriad of methods and strategies which will promote student achievement and success

    Application of Learning to the World of Practice:

    • Providing an educational program which will expose teacher candidates to a variety of educational settings and environments.  Various learning environments will allow teacher education candidates to take what knowledge they have acquired in the college classroom setting and move this information to actual practice by working with P-12 students under the supervision of cooperating teachers and college supervisors.


    • Along with the knowledge and skills one acquires, there must be certain attitudes and beliefs that are a part of the inner being of "a teacher".  Without these dispositions/attitudes, learner-centered professionalism is not attainable.  The Learner-Centered Professional Teacher Model strongly emphasizes the following applicable dispositions.
      • Respectful
      • Responsible
      • Reflective
      • Continuous Learner
      • Respectful

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