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For Operations Managements we have been going to various locations throughout the state to tour facilities and their operations and the daily in-and-outs of the process. Our trip to PNC Arena in Raleigh was an amazing experience, as we were able to meet with the General Manager of the arena. He not only showed us the ins-and-outs of his daily tasks, but also the amount of reliability that he places on his co-workers. One of the most lasting images of this trip was that, you have to be able to trust everyone you are surrounded by. In that same manner you need to show a genuine care and respect to everyone, because that is the key to a successful, viable business operation. This experience is something that created a lasting difference in my scholastic endeavors and is something that I will be able to utilize when I graduate and move into the next chapter of my life. The message of “image is everything” was preached upon by Dave Olsen, general manager, and that is the most important aspect to being successful. If you carry yourself with a positive image and treat others with that same respect, than together you can accomplish any task.

-Brandon Vaughan '13

I enjoyed the field trip because it solidified everything that we had learned in class, making it easier to establish a connection between the material and the real world. Also I was appreciative of the knowledge Mr. Dave Olsen had shared with us about his career and his background in Criminal Justice. Since we went the night of a concert one could see the excitement but stressful situations on every ones faces. But because PNC Arena had a great staff and amazing people work for them they pulled everything off brilliantly.

-Philipp Lindenlaub


I really enjoyed the experience visiting the PNC arena because I got to see how the arena is run from an operating standpoint as well as how much work it takes from every branch of employment to keep the facility ran. I really enjoyed learning how much effort it takes from employment to go from taking down everything for a basketball game and get ready for a concert. I have a greater deal of knowledge of management and how important every single job from cleaning the floor to the cooks in the building is just as important as the General Manager of the facility. Learning how the facility is an economic engine meaning that the facility helps other restaurants and businesses in the community continue to thrive. I hoped to gain experience from an inside perspective and not just a tourist and I was able to do so.

-Orlando Edwards


We went to the PNC Arena to learn the inside operations and how the decisions were made. The biggest thing I learned was to have a great work environment. Having employees that want to come to work every day.  Dave Olsen made it clear that image is everything. It takes a matter of seconds to judge someone by their appearance. Paying attention and dressing nice is going to make a bigger impression than about to fall asleep and dressing down in jeans and a t-shirt. PNC Arena has many marketing areas. Its not just the hockey games or the basket ball games. They also have concerts and different type of shows that help advertise the PNC Arena. They market the shows during the events by playing little clips to show what is coming up. Developing relationships is very important for getting shows to come to the PNC Arena, having a good relationship with other companies help advertise the PNC name. PNC  Arena is responsible for the customers as soon as they step in the arena.

-Richard Campolong '13


One thing that really spoke to me about what kind of business that they are involved in is the amount hours that come along with the job and how dedicated each person was to their position.  Mr. Olsen, the operations manager, showed us a great deal of the building including the Carolina Hurricanes locker room, then brought us to the restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful meal and got to talk with him one on one and ask him direct questions about past business decisions that he had to make, for example, when he had to lay off workers and how he made that decision and how it affected the chemistry of the workplace.

- Kyle Bennett '13

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