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Frequently Asked Questions about the name change
to St. Andrews University

Read the name change announcement.

Q. – Don’t you have to have certain programs to be a university?
– No. There are no official criteria to designate a university in the United States. However, abroad a college is viewed as a secondary school, rather than an institution of higher learning. With the goal to grow our international student base, this is an important change.

Q. – Will the change be immediate?
– Yes and no. While the change is effectively immediately, it will take some time to make the changes across the campus and in the broader community. The website information will immediately reflect the change, while campus signage, stationary and some other print materials will change in planned stages over the next 12 – 18 months.

Q. – Does this mean that St. Andrews is losing the Presbyterian connection?
– No. Changing our name to become a university will not change who we are, nor will it in any way lessen our long-standing partnership in education with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Like St. Andrews, many of the more than 60 historically Presbyterian colleges and universities have strong relationships with the Presbyterian Church, yet only one other contains the word Presbyterian in its name. St. Andrews values its historical relationship to the Presbyterian Church and that relationship informs the content of its general education program and the ethos of the campus. St. Andrews is in the process of redoubling its efforts to recruit students active in the Presbyterian Church and seeking even stronger ties to area churches and Presbyteries in North Carolina.

Q. – Does the name change reflect a change in direction for St. Andrews?
– No. The name change does not change our focus or our priorities. However, it does help further our strategic plan to add graduate programs to the curriculum, expand on-line educational opportunities for adult learners, and recruit and attract more U.S. and international students for whom the university designation has become progressively more attractive.

Q. – Does this change impact tuition or class sizes?
– No. The name change does not indicate a change in tuition, class sizes or hiring standards.

Q. – How does this impact the academic credentials of alumni?
– There is no change. Beginning with the May 2012 graduation, diplomas and transcripts will be under the new university name. Alumni can change the listing in their résumé to “St. Andrews University (formerly St. Andrews Presbyterian College).” This has become a standard practice over the past several years as name changes become more common among institutions of higher learning.




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