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Summer at St. Andrews Academic Camp completes second year

St. Andrews Summer Camp 2014


St. Andrews Summer Camp 2014



St. Andrews Summer Camp 2014



By Maria Dalmasso
Communications Assistant

Laurinburg, NC - This summer marks the second year of Summer at St. Andrews, an academic camp for 8th through 12th graders held on the St. Andrews University campus.

With three times the number of campers attending this year, the students learned about the camp opportunity in a variety of ways.

“My Mom found out about Summer at St. Andrews online,” said Talia Wahl, 17 from Cary, North Carolina. “She was looking for either forensic science or art, because I was interested in both.”

Drake Andrews, 16 from Burlington, North Carolina said, “I learned about the camp at a college career fair.”

Overall, students attending Summer at St. Andrews are enjoying their time on campus.

“I enjoy the classes,” said Hannah Howell, 14 from Fayetteville, North Carolina. “I have taken forensic classes before, but this time I wanted to do art.”

It was a choice greatly appreciated by studio art instructor Stephanie McDavid.

“I’m so glad she decided to do art,” said McDavid. “What I love about Hannah is that she is always so positive and energetic.”

Howell came to camp with friends, although they selected different academic paths.

“I came with a couple friends who are doing different programs, like pre-vet,” she said. “But we still get to hang out and be together even though we are in different classes.”

Andrews has taken advantage of the opportunity to experience the different courses himself.

“It’s fun and it’s not too big, which I like,” said Andrews. “I actually attended for two weeks, so I get to do art one week and game art the other.”

Wahl truly enjoyed the classroom time.

“I enjoy the long classes,” said Wahl. “Usually you only get to go to one class, then lunch and you don’t get to come back.”

The academic classes are only one part of Summer at St. Andrews as students get to experience residential life.

“The biggest difference in the camps I have previously worked and Summer at St. Andrews is the fact that it is a sleep away camp,” said Carrell Fredrick, an instructor at the camp. “Students have the opportunity to experience college life by living in the dorms, eating in the dining hall, and the freedom to choose the courses they want to take.”

The experience provided some challenges for the campers.

“My biggest challenge is patience,” said Wahl. “The lunches are so long here and I don’t like having to wait around to go back to class.”

Both the campers and the faculty would recommend Summer at St. Andrews to other people.

“I would tell someone that it is a beautiful campus,” said Frederick. “The faculty and staff are extremely nice and go out of their way to ensure that you are comfortable.”

Howell shared, “It’s really fun and everyone should try and come if they can.”

Wahl agreed, “Whatever program you do is going to be worth it.”

Frederick emphasized the strength of the program in her recommendation.

“Incorporating academics, enrichment programs, and organized fun activities for the students sets St. Andrews apart from other programs. The students are being given an advantage by experiencing college life and a little bit of young adulthood while still in middle and high school.”

While this year’s program ended Aug. 2, plans are underway for summer 2015. Visit the website at academiccampnc.org to learn more.

St. Andrews Academic Camp 2014

St. Andrews Summer Camp 2014

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