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"Living on campus is a life experience I have learned so much from. We eat together, watch TV together, study together, and do absolutely nothing together. When I go home for breaks, it's like I'm leaving my second family!"
- Jess Cutler, Class of '10, from FL

St. Andrews welcomes six new faculty members

Angela K. Boyle
Angela K. Boyle
Francis Boyle
Francis Boyle
Dr. Mari Ellen Brown
Dr. Mari Ellen Brown
Walter Flomer
Dr. Walter Flomer
Dr. Tonya M. Jasinski
Dr. Tonya J. Jasinski
James Putnam
James M. Putnam

Laurinburg, N.C. - St. Andrews welcomed six new faculty members this fall.

Angela Boyle, Francis Boyle, Dr. Mari Ellen Brown, Dr. Walter Flomer, Dr. Tonya Jasinski and James Putnam joined the faculty to teach in a variety of fields.

Angela Boyle - Assistant Professor of Theatre

“I’m lucky that most of my hobbies blend with my academic life; making theatre encompasses just about everything.”

For Angela “Angie” Boyle, joining the St. Andrews community in the theatre program allows her to do bring that enthusiasm to the Introduction to Theatre and Film class as well as the introductory acting class. She is also a member of the St. Andrews General Education team and working closely with the St. Andrews Writing Center.

“I’d love to teach Acting Shakespeare because it’s so exciting to see the words on the page start to make real sense in performance,” she said. “If teaching outside of my specialty, I’d go for Newtonian Physics simply because it’s incredibly fun stuff.”

If she was not at St. Andrews this semester, she would “likely go back to starting up a Shakespeare company – acting, directing and leading workshops.”

Francis Boyle - Assistant Professor of Theatre

Francis Boyle learned about St. Andrews from the best man at his wedding.

"Luke Sweeney, class of 2007, was my best man," he said. "When he described his incredible and inviting school, I was very envious. Mark Mannette, a friend of Angie and mine from grad school, let us know about the opening. I chalk it up to Providence."

Given the opportunity to teach any course on any subject, this theatre professor selected Underwater Archaeology.

"I would want to expand on the work of my childhood hero, Dr. Robert Ballard, famed re-discoverer of the RMS Titanic, Battleship Bismarck and PT-109," Boyle said.

Additional interests for Boyle include his faith, history, writing, gaming, fishing, science, movies, comic books and sports.

Dr. Mari Ellen Brown - Visiting Instructor of Biology

A practioner of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Mari Ellen Brown joined the St. Andrews family for the "opportunity to participate in education for our country's future."

She will be teaching a variety of biology courses, including Introduction to Biology and Genetics.

An avid reader, writer and painter, Brown enjoys dog walking, hiking and spending time in nature.

"I would love the opportunity to teach biology and medical basics for everyday life," she said. "It is information that would be helpful to any human being."

Dr. Walter Flomer - Assistant Professor of Chemistry

"I came to St. Andrews for the opportunity to teach and prepare students for the future," Dr. Walter Flomer said.

He will be sharing his expertise in the classroom this fall in courses including Essential Concepts in Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry.

"If I could teach something outside of chemistry, it would probably be something in astronomy or geology," Flomer said. "They are interesting and related to chemistry."

Outside the classroom, Flomer is interested in gaming, both computer related and Magic, and model building.

If he wasn't teaching at St. Andrews, Flomer would be "working in a chemical industry or teaching high school."

Dr. Tonya M. Jasinski - Assistant Professor of Psychology

This will be Dr. Tonya M. Jasinski’s second stint with St. Andrews, although her first was in a vastly different capacity.

“I worked as an Academic Aide for almost three and a half years at St. Andrews Presbyterian College during my undergraduate studies,” said Jasinski, who has lived in Laurinburg for 16 years.

After completing her PhD, she has split her time between the University of South Carolina and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

“When I learned of a teaching opportunity at St. Andrews, I was thrilled to have the chance to teach right here at home,” Jasinski said.

By coming to St. Andrews, Jasinski gave up the opportunity to teach Cross-cultural Counseling at USC this semester.

“I was very excited about this opportunity because I have not taught this course before and my dissertation was based on this topic,” she said. “I would love to teach a course in reference to multiculturalism/diversity in counseling/psychology. I also have a strong interest in applying creative arts to the study and practice of counseling and psychology. While I make a regular attempt to incorporate this area of interest in all of my classes, I would enjoy teaching a sole course of this nature.”

In her free time, Jasinski enjoys a variety of activities, including reading, swimming, biking, traveling, playing Scrabble, listening to music, and spending time with her husband, canine child and other family members.

If not in the classroom, Jasinski has a few ideas about what she could be doing.

“I am good at organizing, planning, creating, and time-management skills, and I enjoy planning events and celebrations,” she shared. “Therefore, a party/event planner might be a possible occupation fit for me outside of teaching.

“Being a disc jockey would certainly be one of my ‘dream jobs,’” she added. “I absolutely love music, and I take pride in serving in this purely amateur role at various family functions.”

James M. Putnam - Visiting Instructor of Computer Science

Unlike the other new faculty, James Putnam has a longstanding connection with St. Andrews.

"Since we graduated from St. Andrews in the mid-70s, my wife and I have worked with the school in a variety of capacities, including two board terms and several special projects," Putnam said. "Chris McDavid's new gaming curriculum has a component that would be difficult to teach without additional resources, and I was in a position to provide support for a semester or so."

Putnam has been in the technology industry for the past 30 years, which is where he will return after helping launch the new major.

"My main interest right now is programming language design and semantics," said Putnam. "I am also owned by a small dog."

Given the opportunity to teach and design a course, Putnam selected The History of Mathematics.

"The sciences have had a profound effect on our advancement as a civilization as have aesthetic and religious traditions, but is difficult for people to approach," he said. "A human introduction to logical reasoning would go a long way to making the sciences more accessible."



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