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With St. Andrews' study abroad programs, you can live in a 14th Century castle in the Italian Alps, attend the University of Cuenca in Ecuador, experience Chinese language and culture at Capital Normal University in Beijing, China, as well as many other opportunities.

Courses that Satisfy General Education Requirements
Offered Fall 2014 For First Year Students

Writing (6 credits required)
WRT 110*  

Composition I: Inquiry through Writing


*Required of all first year students

Note: Students must earn a C- or better in WRT 110 to enroll in WRT 120

Foreign Language (6 credits required)
SPA 151 A-D   Spanish I
SPA 152 A-B   Spanish II
Mathematics (3 credits required)
MAT 106 A or B   Science of Patterns
MAT 115   Precalculus
MAT 225 A or B   Intro Statistics

Natural Sciences (one course with lab required)

BIO 101 A   Topics in Biology
BIO 201 A   Concepts in Biology
BIO 221   Human Anatomy & Physiology
CHE 151 w/151L   Chemical Basis of Everyday Phenomena
CHE 210 w/210L A or B   Essential Concept Chemistry
FOR 201   Intro to Forensic Science
PHY 201   College Physics I with lab

Arts and Aesthetics (3 credits required)

ART 147   3-D Design
ART 223   Drawing I
CW 221A   Creative Writing
GAM 100 A-C  

Game Art Foundations

MLE 103  

College Choir

MLE 106   Beginning Bagpipe Band
MLE 109   St. Andrews Bagpipe Band
MUS 110   Music Fundamentals
MUS 115 A or B   Piano for Beginners
MUS 120   The Art of Singing
MUS 130   Guitar for Beginners
Students may fulfill all three credits of the Arts and Aesthetics requirement by three semesters of participation in MLE 103 or MLE 109. One credit of the Arts and Aesthetics requirement may be met by registered participation in music lessons or a theatrical production.

Humanities (3 credits)

ENG 211   Masterpieces of English Literature
ENG 281   Children's Literature
PHI 100   Intro to Philosophy
RST 120   The Bible Today
RST 232   Topics in Biblical Studies

Social Science (3 credits)

BUS 100   Intro to Business
ECON 201
A or B
EDU 250   Education, Culture and Diversity
HIS 202   America History Survey II
HIS 214/314 A   Topics in American History: Bad Behavior
POL 211   Into to International Politics
POL 231  

Intro to Law

POL 250   Area Studies: Vietnam

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