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In their own words...
"My time here has instilled within me a special kind of character, one that only comes as a result of a community geared toward opening your mind... not just filling your mind with more information."
- Blair Garnett, Class of '10, from NC

Lisa Garber, Class of 2009

History and Creative Writing Major

Hiroshima, Japan

Career Goals

I have never wavered from my Creative Writing major and novel-writing aspirations since my time at St. Andrews, or, really, since middle school.  The Creative Writing field at St. Andrews — and its many unique and fascinating faces such as Ron Bayes, Ted Wojtasik, David Bell, etc. — has taught me much, and I have taken as much from other fields like Honors and Politics, and professors such as Neal Bushoven, Edna Ann and Bill Loftus, Larry Schulz, and so forth.  Study abroad excursions to Italy and Viet Nam and the respective encounters there have also had an enormously positive impact on my academic knowledge, self-confidence, and global insight.  In fact, I came to St. Andrews in no small part to participate in the Brunnenburg experience. 

St. Andrews, despite its small size and relative anonymity, has the fortune of being lush with unique, helpful, and colorful professors and personalities all over campus.  Such a brilliant environment makes writers’ minds fertile with ideas.


Why St. Andrews?

St. Andrews is an excellent springboard for those yet unsure of their future or even their character.  As a liberal arts college, its faculty and administration attempt to keep students well-rounded and attentive to global goings-on regardless our future occupation, while being in tune with one’s place in the world.  Our places, inevitably, are different, as are our learning methods and interests.  St. Andrews does not standardize knowledge or values.  Here, we are encouraged to be dignified in our differences, and contribute to the world around us. 

The small, tightly-knit, quality environment fosters intimate relationships both in and out of the classroom, which encourages individuals to keep learning even once the lecture is finished.  There’s just something special about being a St. Android.

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