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"Living on campus is a life experience I have learned so much from. We eat together, watch TV together, study together, and do absolutely nothing together. When I go home for breaks, it's like I'm leaving my second family!"
- Jess Cutler, Class of '10, from FL
Farren Sanders '09


Farran Sanders

Class of 2009

Hickory, North Carolina


Forensic Science Major

Meeting My Goals

St. Andrews has given me a lot of hands-on experience within the Forensic Science program. They offer all sorts of half-semester long classes that allow you to explore the different fields of Forensic Science, and which helps you to decide what you would and would not like to do in the future. It is a fairly new program, and it is growing! Recently we started a Forensic Science Club, which is going to be a lot of fun this spring! We are going to try and get some guest speakers to come in and speak with us, and have some fun getting to know one another. We are also planning on taking some trips to places like the State Bureau of Investigation, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and maybe even the Body Farm!

Why St. Andrews?

I love St. Andrews because of the size. Because it is so small, you get to know just about everyone on campus, which I think is pretty cool. You always know a bunch of people in your classes, and it’s nice to see friends anywhere you go! We are a very close knit community, which is not something you’ll find at just any college.

I personally benefit from the small class sizes. It allows the professors to be able to spend more time doing hands on activities (which is very helpful in forensics classes), and they are able to spend more time giving you extra help if you are struggling in class. It is also really neat to be able to say hi to your professor as they pass you in the hall and they actually know your name. They will stop and ask you how you are, or how your break was, and you might have only ever had them for one class. You really build a bond with some professors, and it makes going to class everyday a little easier if you feel like your professors care, and you like them. You’ll never get lost in the numbers. Trust me, I’ve tried!

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