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"Living on campus is a life experience I have learned so much from. We eat together, watch TV together, study together, and do absolutely nothing together. When I go home for breaks, it's like I'm leaving my second family!"
- Jess Cutler, Class of '10, from FL
Business  Administration
Matthew Latham

 I have a major in International Business along with a minor in Spanish, as I feel that being able to speak another language can open up many more doors for me upon graduation. Since arriving at St. Andrews I have enjoyed the close knit environment, which has enabled me to learn more in the smaller, more personal classes. The campus provides all the necessary resources to perform well in school, with a number of excellent members of staff always willing to help. After graduation I plan to travel and see more of the world.


I am a member of the St Andrews golf team, which is fantastic as there are a great bunch of chaps as well as a great coach who takes good care of us. We travel a great deal throughout the season, but when not participating we get involved with the local community, and each year we do a Halloween party for local kids.


Why St. Andrews

St. Andrews provides a fantastic opportunity for learning like no other. With small classes, friendly professors committed to your success, an array of clubs and activities it is a great choice. The campus is a perfect atmosphere for learning and everyone feels a part of the community. One of the best attributes of the college is the fact that all students are required to take classes that really open up your mind to new thoughts and ideas, that help you to evolve as an individual. Aside from study, there are plenty of experiences and relationships that you will never forget and no doubt you will have a lot of fun along the way.

St. Andrews Knights Golf Team
Matthew Latham on the Links


Lisa Becka my golf coach has been influential in my decision to attend St. Andrews. She has done everything within her power to help me achieve the goals that I aspire to reach, helping me with my preparation, fitness, mental attitude and keeping the experience full of good humor.


The St. Andrews experience that has meant the most to me has been the opportunity to meet new people from completely different backgrounds than mine. I have met some awesome individuals who have shown me North Carolina at its finest.

Social Time at St. Andrews
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