Amy Tripson

Class of 2011

Pittsburg, PA


      I am currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology. I hope to attend graduate school after St. Andrews to pursue a Masters or Doctoral degree in Psychology, with a focus in research. St. Andrews is preparing me for my future career by allowing me to explore what interests me, and challenging me to investigate and create new ideas. My classes permit me to focus my attention on topics that may help me achieve my future goals.


        Currently I am a member of the Cross Country and Track and Field team, Student Government Vice-President, an Honors student, a Resident Assistant, as well as an Honors Mentor, and work study student in the Office of Student Affairs. In past years I have been a part of the Community Honor Council, a member of GREEN Environmental Club and the Student Senate, as well as a member of the Swim team and the Hunt Seat Riding team my freshman year

Why St. Andrews?

      St. Andrews is not just a college, it is a home. There are people here that will do almost anything for you if you just ask. The professors are awesome and the classes force you to open your mind to new ideas. There’s also so many ways to get involved on campus, so there is always something for you to do. Not only is it about attending college and graduating, St. Andrews is really a place that you can evolve as a person and really discover your potential. You will make life-long friends and have experiences that you will never forget, as well as having a good time and enjoying the college atmosphere.


       There have been so many experiences I think it is hard to pick just one! India is definitely ranked very high on the list, because it truly was the experience of a lifetime and the people on the trip were simply amazing. My freshman year we went whitewater rafting, which was a lot of fun also. India, though, has thoroughly changed me, which I find very evident now that I am back in the States. It is constantly on my mind, challenging me everyday. To see a third world country is mind altering and forces you to view the world in a whole new way. I feel that everyday it challenges me to be a better person and to be thankful for what I have.